Our Gifts of Hope provide alternative giving options - allowing you to give a gift that will make a lasting impact for a person in need.

You can touch the life of someone in need through our Gifts of Hope, with gifts as low as $5. For example: your support may purchase a toy for a homeless child; or provide transportation for an individual staying at one of our centers. You can make a major impact by providing $1,000 or more to help support our homeless veterans and their families.

Giving a Gift of Hope is easy simply follow these steps:

  1. Select the Gift of Hope you want to give and purchase the gift.
  2. You will receive a confirmation with a link to download a gift card with a picture of the item you’ve purchased.
  3. Type in who the card is to and who the card is from.
  4. Print the card and give it to a family member, friend or colleague.
  5. Keep a copy of your receipt as all Gifts of Hope items are tax-deductible.


Click here to download the brochure.


Volunteers of America Chesapeake

Click here for more information about Veteran Services
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Veteran Services
This gift may may provide 1 year of food, shelter and services for a homeless veteran and their family.


Click here for more information about Field Trips
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Field Trips
This gift may help fund field trips and fellowship activities for individuals with intellectual disabilities to be engaged in their communities.


Click here for more information about Life Skills Training
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Life Skills Training
This gift may provide services such as case management, life-skills training and job coaching to support a person in need on their road to self-reliance.


Click here for more information about Employment Training
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Employment Training
This gift may provide employment training for men and women to support their families.


Click here for more information about Emergency Homeless Shelter
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Emergency Homeless Shelter
This gift may provide 1 night in our emergency homeless shelter for a vulnerable man, woman or child to receive food, shelter and support.


Click here for more information about Holiday Gifts/Backpacks
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Holiday Gifts/Backpacks
This gift may provide holiday gift or a backpack filled with school supplies for a child in one of our programs.


Click here for more information about Transportation
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This gift may provide transportation for vulnerable people with disabilities or mental health illness to receive treatment and services.


Click here for more information about Hygiene Kits
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Hygiene Kits
This gift may provide personal Hygiene items for vulnerable people at our programs.