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This coming Monday, March 14, you will vote on three pieces of legislation that will expand affordable home opportunities and address childhood lead poisoning. Please vote YES on the following bills:

A1000- will fund 1,000 new State Rental Assistance Program (SRAP) vouchers. With almost half of New Jersey's low income families severely cost burdened (paying over half their income for rent), passage of this bill is critical.

A1378/S996- would appropriate $10 million for the Lead Hazard Control Assistance Fund (LHCAF) to help families eliminate the lead contamination in their homes. More than $50 million has been steered into the general treasury since 2009, instead of the LHCAF, as required. Lead is known to cause permanent neurological damage in children, negatively affects academic performance, and can cause a wide array of learning disabilities and behavioral issues. 3,100 children in the last year alone have been diagnosed with elevated blood lead level.

And finally, S983/A2568 extends Emergency Assistance and exempts the following people or individuals from the time limits imposed on the emergency assistance program: parent or relative who is providing full-time care for a disabled dependent, person who is permanently disabled, person over 60 years of age, or chronically unemployable.

We know that access to safe, affordable homes makes all the difference for families who are struggling to get back on their feet. Please help us to continue to serve and protect our neighbors in need.

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